Monday, April 26, 2010

My baby Danelea Mikayla...

Hello again...! :D

Just nak update blog ni.. Or else, my beloved cousin NADIA sure bingit je.. "update la blog..!" that's what she always remind me.. :D

Semlm Dy MC sbb sakit tulang bahu nih.. So alang2 tu buat Ultrasound sekali la... It is CONFIRMED baby girl... ;) yeayyy...!!! Dy and hubbby was so happy and excited bila tgk baby... Tapi aper yang Dy can clearly see from the image is her nose... Hahahaha... Tgk la pic tu.. *Wink..!!~~ And Alhamdulillah she's already 1.64kg...

My baby Danelea Mikayla... Hope kuar cukop2 bulan la ye... Hehehe....

Sunday, April 18, 2010

30 weeks of pregnancy...

Now my pregnancy is already 30 weeks..! Pheewww... Time flies..! So far preparation OK la... Tapi still ader yang belom dpt beli... Bukan senang nak dpt 1st Baby ni.... U have to buy this and have to buy that.. Mcm2 la... So, so far ni la yang Dy dah prepare.....

Hurrmm... Tggl 10 weeks je lagi.... OMG..! I am soooooooooooo freakin' scared and nervous.... But someday n somehow, the time will come... Please pray
for me and wish me luck.... Harap2 Dy selamat bersalin and dikurniakan baby yang sihat and chomel.. :D

* Bag baby untuk dibawa ke hospital.... :D

My baby's car sear/carrier..

* Other stuffs...

* Kerusi & meja in my baby's room...

* Baby's shoes... SO TINY..!! :D

* Another baby leather shoes.. My sis present from New Zealand..

* Baby's small closet... Barang tak penuh lagi.. :D

* My baby's room yang belom siap lagi....

Monday, April 12, 2010

Dyana's Baby Shower..!!!

Finally, the day I've been waiting for has come..! On the 10th of April, seawal 7.30 pagi Dy bangun... Ye la, bnyk benda Dy nk kena settle b4 Baby Shower party tu start...

First Dy gi collect Cupcakes at Petaling Jaya, then gi TESCO Ampang to buy a few things more and we reached home at about 12pm. Then start la busy tolong Mama Dy kt dapur sampai bengkak kaki Dy.. :( ternyata la Dy ni dh makin sarat.. huhu..

So everything was ready at 6pm.. Fuh..! Nasib baik sempat siapkan everything b4 6.30pm.. 1st guests yang smpai @ 7pm was Nadia and family then Lin, Martell, Ayu & Aiman pon sampai... Guest2 yg Dy panggil pon tak ramai sgt.... And ada a fews friends yang ada hal and couldn't attend the party.. So Baby shower Dy ni tak de la GRAND maner pon.. But Alhamdulillah la, everything goes well.. Dy happy sgt that nite..!~~ :)

So now tinggal 2 bulan lebih je lagi b4 my expected due date... Dy nervous sgt2... So wish me luck ok... Mudah2an Dy bersalin dengan selamat and dapat baby yang cihat & Chomel... Amin....

*Here are some pics from the party..

*All the settings, foods, souvenir for the guests..

*Kesian tukang bakar ayam lambat makan sampai lapar giler..

*Gift from Ayu Fariza... Siap pesan dari kawan dia yg nak balik from London lagi.. Thanx Ayu..!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

2 days to go...!

2 days to go for my Baby Shower BBQ party... So nervous and anxious..!

So far preparation ok2 la... Dy dah beli souvenir for the guests.., dah beli baloons and deco, just tinggal nk beli barang2 yang nak dimasak je... So esok nak gi beli barang2 makanan with mama, papa and hubby..

I hope everything goes as I planned..Harap2 semuanya OK dan the guests are happy with they party... Amin...

So Dy akan update next week on the the party's outcome with pics... ;)

Have a GREAT WEEKEND uolls..!