Sunday, March 7, 2010

Plan for my Baby Shower Party.... :)

Hello again uolls..! ;)

Actually Dy tak tau nk tulis aper sgt dlm Blog ni.. But I'm trying my very best to update my Blog and make it more interesting..

Ok, let me tell you bout my plan for my Baby Shower party. I'm planning to do it on 10th of April 2010. Before this never thought of doing it.. Ntah naper suddenly teringin nak buat Baby Shower.. So Dy tanyer hubby is it OK to do it coz my hubby ni "conservative" skit... But suprisingly, he agreed to do the Baby Shower..! Yeay..! :D

So plan nak buat "BEACH" theme...coz kitaorg ni minat beach ala-ala surfer gitu.. huhuhu... Venue maybe kat my friend's place nyer swimming pool.. Baru la kena dengan theme tu kan.. Tak dapat tepi laut, tepi swimming pool pon jadi la................

So on the food planning nk buat BBQ je... Menu would be Chicken BBQ, sausages, nuggets, sweets/choc, homemade Spaghetti Bolognaise, cream puff and yang paling i suka CUPCAKES... hehehe.. Cupcakes pon Dy nk order yang ada unsur2 beach/surfer... something like this..........

So cousin Dy si Nadia tu recommend la Dy order dgn kawan dia.. siap kasi Blog lagi... Jadi Dy pon tanyer la dgn si Pembuat Cupcakes ni.., Malisa namanya.... For the design that I wanted, the price of the cupcakes are very reasonable.. So I asked for the sample... Hope my hubby agreed la to order the cupcakes from her..

For the party deco pulak, Dy ader la beli a few items from "Party @ World" in Ikano & Solaris, Mont Kiara.. Thanx to my dear friends for the party shop info... That party shop is awesome.. Mcm2 benda boleh dpt kat kedai tu..

Well, as for the doorgift.... I would love to buy a flipflop photo frame for my guests of honour... I saw this photo frame in the overseas website.... Cute, huh???

But..... where can I those photo frame..???? :(
Tapi kalau Dy x dapat gak benda ni, Dy dah tak tahu nak kasi aper for the guests... Hurmmmm... Any idea uolls..??

Hurmmm.... Talking about the "guests"...... My guests of honour will be my hubby's friend (with their wife & kids), my beloved cousin Nadia, some of my colleague and my bro in-law with his fiance.. I just hope that they all could make it to the party.

So tu la dia, plan Dy untuk my Baby Shower nanti... So.... tgguuuuuuuuuuuu for the updates and pics of the beach baby shower party...

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

PD Trip...!!!

The story continues.............

Lepas dpt tahu yang Dy pregnant je, hubby terus bawak gi "relax" kat P.D. Well actually mmg dah plan nak gi P.D pun. Sbb kawan2 hubby came down from JayBee & S'pore for BBQ.. Wahh..! Mmg ramai sey..! I think it was 12-14 people.. Tempat yang kitaorg sewa tu pent house apartment.. 3 bedrooms with 2 bathrooms..

So sampai je PD, kitaorg yg pompuan2 ni dah get ready for BBQ... we got chicken BBQ, ikan panggang, sausages, nuggets and macam2 lagi lah... Tapi petang tu, Dy sempat lagi nih mandi laut... Lepas geram la sbb dah bertahun x mandi laut sejak Dy kena Jelly fish kt Batu Feringghi dulu.. :D

At 8pm we had a BBQ party dan it was so unexpected that they actually doing a suprised b'day party for Me, Amir and also Leman (they are all my hubby's frenz).

Here are some of the PD pics...

* Apartment yang kitaorg sewa @ PD

* Me & Frenz preparing for BBQ party * Martell, CHEF OF THE DAY * Chicken BBQ.. YUMMYYYY..!!

*Sharing Birthday with Amir & Leman * Me blowing candles..! :D

* All the couples with their kids....

* BFFs................!!!

* Mas, Ayu & Lynn * Lynn, Lin & Ayu

So we continue about the fun in PD..
All of us stayed for a nite je at PD.. Even though Dy rasa x selesa sgt tido beramai2 mcm tu, but I can feel the "fun"... Bukan selalu boleh gathering mcm tu... It was really fun and we really had a good time..!


I'm gonna be a Mom...!!! :D

October 2009 - Dalam bulan ni je Dy dah bnyk kali MC... Asyik pening and always feeling sick... Sampai my colleague perli, "kau ni pregnant ke, dyana????".. Then I was like, "that's impossible.." Tapi Dy terpikir gak, "could be, rite.."?

So after a few days, I di the pregnancy test.. On the 30th of October 2009, I got the happiest news ever... I'm gonna be a mom..!! It's so unexpected, but that's the fact..!

Well, no wonder a few weeks before that I've been acting strangely... Ye ye sgt nak tgk MotoGP 2009 la..., teringin nak makan satay Kajang la... and I've been sooooo EMOTIONAL towards my hubby.. Hurrmmm... Tak tahu pulak yang tu semua disbbkan I oleh "pembawakan".. :D

So........................ tggu je la nanti perkembangan Dy on my pregnancy... ok?? *wink..! ;)