Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My baby's development...

At 35 weeks of my pregnancy, I once again did the ultrasound.. just to check on the baby's development... As per doctor, my baby is now weighing at 2.3kg.. Quite small huh..? but it's ok, as long as she's fine and healthy.. :)

But.... lately ni Dy yang asyik x sihat... Flu, demam, coughing and peyut asyik mengeras n cramp je... Kekadang tu risau gak, mana la tau kot2 baby dah nak kuar.. Maklum la kan, this is my 1st baby.. So x tau contraction tu rasa mcm mana..... So what i always do is asking around dgn org2 yg pernah ada experience... Mcm my cousins Nadia and Intan, and also my friends yg dah ada anak.. So if you guys have any tips psl bersalin ni, pls do share it with me.....

Well, that's all for now.... Da x tau nk tulis aper ni.... See you guys later..! ;)

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  1. tak lama lg... sabar2...dnt worry... hope everything ok... amin..